Life Partnership

Pod Schools and How to Join… As Told by Leslie, a Roundup

With the school year already underway for some and nearing for others, many parents find themselves disillusioned by last Spring’s virtual learning experience and are looking for an alternative. While the government’s proposal of in-person learning at traditional institutions appears to be a controversial choice, the idea of “pod schooling” has peaked and is viewed more favorably among care-givers and educators alike. Pod schools, a group of three to 10 students under the instruction of a…


Ask Leslie: Is life partnership the key to a successful marriage? 

DEAR LESLIE,  With the Smiths in the headlines recently, I’m wondering is a life partnership the key to a successful marriage, but most importantly, what does a life partnership look like to today’s couple? –  Asking for a friend Dear Asking for a Friend.., Firstly, I want to applaud Will and Jada Pinkett Smith for their successful marriage, life partnership, and willingness to be brutally honest with each other as to what works and what…


The Perennial Case of the Other Woman… As Told by Leslie

If you are the “other woman” in your relationship, you probably fell for him without knowing he or she had another life. When you met, he/she had no wedding band, was always available to talk, and he/she wined and dined you eventually, though, his secret came out, and yet, you did not leave. At first, you stayed believing that the relationship you “built” was so strong and so right that he would leave his other…


5 Things the Coronavirus Has Taught Me About My Partner of 23 Years

My spouse is not only my life mate of 23 years, but he is also my business partner for nearly two decades, and while I thought I knew almost everything about him, this time together has taught me some new things while happily reaffirming others. The coronavirus has taught me that my partner is a news junkie.  I always knew that my spouse had a massive appetite for the news in our world and the…


Un-Packing the Empowered Married Woman… As Told by Leslie

Many of the women who come to my office seeking counsel appear broken, with little self-esteem and no avenue of independent financial support. They have become prisoners in their own marriages and don’t know how to change their circumstances, because they no longer have the financial means, let alone the emotional strength, to do so. Perhaps the saddest part of the situation is that many of these women may never have had to walk into…

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