Virtual Goes Virtuous: Dating During the Coronavirus… As Told by Leslie

Leslie chats with millennials on what’s it like to date now. During the time of the coronavirus, the need for human connection is ever-present. Yet while the dating scene has vastly changed, the desire to meet someone and connect on a deeper level remains the same. Dating apps, once used as a means for casual hook-ups, have become a breeding ground for richer conversation and an outlet to get to know a person before engaging…

is it fair to judge my partner

Ask Leslie: Is it fair to judge my partner during a time of crisis?

DEAR LESLIE,  I’ve been with my partner for 4 years, however, we’ve never argued more than we do now. It’s led me to rethink if I want to continue the relationship. Is it fair to judge my partner during a time of crisis? – Quarantina… Dear Quarantina…, Is it fair to judge your partner? People are not themselves during a time of panic and uncertainty, which leads to anxiety for many. Is it fair to…


5 Things the Coronavirus Has Taught Me About My Partner of 23 Years

My spouse is not only my life mate of 23 years, but he is also my business partner for nearly two decades, and while I thought I knew almost everything about him, this time together has taught me some new things while happily reaffirming others. The coronavirus has taught me that my partner is a news junkie.  I always knew that my spouse had a massive appetite for the news in our world and the…


Ask Leslie: Divorce, Cohabiting, and the Coronavirus. Help!

DEAR LESLIE,  I am divorcing my husband of 15 years plus. Just before the coronavirus struck, we were able to file for a divorce, however, we still live under the same roof – a reality I have yet to adjust to. Please share your advice. – Breaking point Breaking point… Here are my tips for navigating the coronavirus, divorce and cohabiting. Keep your distance while living in the same house. This may be somewhat impossible,…

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