5 Things the Coronavirus Has Taught Me About My Partner of 23 Years

My spouse is not only my life mate of 23 years, but he is also my business partner for nearly two decades, and while I thought I knew almost everything about him, this time together has taught me some new things while happily reaffirming others.

The coronavirus has taught me that my partner is a news junkie. 

I always knew that my spouse had a massive appetite for the news in our world and the world-at-large, and when COVID-19 caused a stay at home – social distancing life – I saw a different type of new fanatic emerge. My husband’s appetite for information and knowledge in our current reality is insatiable, watching all news channels regardless of political bias, favor, or slant, including news from the BBC and other outside international channels. I have a personal newscaster at home. I get to hear the daily news and updates from all the press conferences from all sides, and a lively conversation ensues. It also frees up my time to take care of other essential tasks in our home, like cooking meals for our family to enjoy.  

The coronavirus has taught me that my partner loves chips – I mean, LOVES chips!

While considering our twice a month (sometimes one) visit to the supermarket, chips are invariably on our list. I always put down the salty snack for our teenager; what I have since learned when I see the rather large added bags to the cart is that my spouse also has a penchant for chips. It is now a decadent night time treat often enjoyed with a glass of wine.  

The coronavirus has taught me that my partner is an excellent shopping partner.

Whether we are food shopping with two carts and two lists in the market or scouring the internet for gifts for our son’s 18th birthday, we are always in sync and working as a team. The shopping part is simple; however, sanitizing purchases and discarding the packaging- a very time consuming, often exhausting, sometimes daily activity if you are unable to locate items in one place. Under these extraordinary circumstances, my husband has made shopping another thing that we do together as a team for our family.

The coronavirus has taught me that my partner still makes me laugh every day.

From the day I met my husband in April of 1997, he always had a way of making me laugh-everyday- often small things that were endearing and only funny between us. Back then, it was mostly a great way of flirting, which has continued over the last 23 years. During these unusual times and unchartered territory, the one constant we both count on is the ability to make each other laugh every day and every day knowing we have something to be grateful for and not to take advantage of that sound of laughter between us.

The coronavirus has taught me that my partner is a reminder that we will survive.

While everyone’s daily routine has been disrupted, I have chosen to concentrate on all the good we have, knowing that this too shall pass eventually. There is no point in obsessing over what isn’t for anyone. While it takes two people to make a relationship work or not, truly understanding that the only behavior you can control is your own can be a daily game changer in your life. One thing is for sure, we will survive, and when this is over, it’s my goal to come out a stronger couple than ever before for the next 23 years, that is my choice and along with my spouse, a good teammate our common goal.

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