Ask Leslie: What should I do if I’m unhappy with my divorce lawyer?

DEAR LESLIE,  I’m unhappy with my divorce lawyer. What should I do? Is it in my best interest to change my representation? –  Looking for More Dear Looking for More.., Let’s face it, the ending of a marriage is fraught with a wide range of emotions and going through the process of divorce is a challenging and stressful time – having the right lawyer can make a big difference. While going through the divorce process,…


The Perennial Case of the Other Woman… As Told by Leslie

If you are the “other woman” in your relationship, you probably fell for him without knowing he or she had another life. When you met, he/she had no wedding band, was always available to talk, and he/she wined and dined you eventually, though, his secret came out, and yet, you did not leave. At first, you stayed believing that the relationship you “built” was so strong and so right that he would leave his other…


Ask Leslie: Divorce, Cohabiting, and the Coronavirus. Help!

DEAR LESLIE,  I am divorcing my husband of 15 years plus. Just before the coronavirus struck, we were able to file for a divorce, however, we still live under the same roof – a reality I have yet to adjust to. Please share your advice. – Breaking point Breaking point… Here are my tips for navigating the coronavirus, divorce and cohabiting. Keep your distance while living in the same house. This may be somewhat impossible,…


Ask Leslie: Should I hire a divorce mediator or litigator for my divorce?

 DEAR LESLIE,  I am currently looking into a divorce from my marriage of 8 years. My partner and I are aiming/hoping for an amicable divorce as we have a child together. Friends of ours have opted for a mediator versus a lawyer. Should I do the same? – Should I? Dear, Should I?… Pre-divorce planning (know your financial picture**) and having a strategy (goals for your future) will help you determine whether or not mediation…


Ask Leslie: How can I avoid my partner’s debt should we marry?

DEAR LESLIE,   How Can I Avoid My Partner’s Debt Should We Marry? – Debtless Dear Debtless… This question is often asked in relation to credit card debt. Similar to the money that you earned before getting married, which belongs to the individual that earned it, debt acquired before the marriage belongs to that individual as well. The key here is not to co-mingle your premarital debt i.e., becoming an authorized user on your spouse’s credit…

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