Ask Leslie: What are three tell-tale signs of a good divorce lawyer?


What are three tell-tale signs of a good divorce lawyer?

– I’m Curious…

Dear, I’m Curious…,

This is a great question, Caryn. Choosing a good divorce lawyer as well as the right divorce lawyer to represent you is very important as your lawyer will be your voice throughout the process. Hiring a divorce lawyer that is good at accomplishing your goals will depend on the type of divorce lawyer you choose to represent you. A lawyer that is good for you may not be good for someone else. Three signs that you are making the right choice is to ask yourself, does this lawyer listen to what I have to say and provide positive feedback and suggestions? Does he or she understand my goals for the process of divorce and for what comes after? Does my lawyer understand the complexities of my case and have solutions to resolve the issues that arise? As well as explaining to me my options in detail? A good divorce lawyer will always treat you and your case as unique and will take the time to explain to you all your options as well as advise you against a particular course of conduct that may not be beneficial to your case. It is essential to choose a lawyer that has the same style and temperament that matches yours so that the process of divorce is as painless as possible. 

To new beginnings,


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