Ask Leslie:What can I do to keep present and future assets protected?


I’m getting married. What can I do to keep present and future assets protected in the event of a divorce?

– #staysafe 

Dear #staysafe, 

When contemplating marriage, it is crucial to consider the person you are at the time and how to protect your individuality. This does not mean that you love the person that you are marrying any less; it just means that you are mature enough to keep your own identity while growing a life-long relationship.

Many couples consider a contract called a pre-nuptial agreement to define their assets before taking a trip down the aisle. While many find this unromantic, it can take a lot of stress and pressure off of the couple, especially for those individuals that have established careers and assets. The pre-nuptial is not just to protect the monied spouse; in fact, it is meant to protect the less monied spouse, who may ultimately be the primary caregiver/homemaker in the relationship. Sometimes one partner will have to give up a career to further the work of their partner. In these cases, a pre-nuptial will help ease the stress of the lack of income or job change that occurs so that neither partner feels that they are giving up something that they have already worked for and could continue working for. Ultimately, money is essential for a roof over your head, food to eat, clothing, health needs, and everyday life.

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