Ask Leslie: Are prenups only for the rich and can I make it work for me?

DEAR LESLIE,  Are prenuptial agreements only for the rich? My boyfriend and I both earn average salaries, however, we are trying to find ways to keep our finances as separate as possible before marrying. Is a prenup worth it?   –  Agreementseeker Dear Agreementseeker…, While so many couples consider tying the knot, the fear of joining together financially has kept the multitude from taking a leap of faith and a trip down the aisle. The Prenuptial…


Ask Leslie: Unmarried couple wants to purchase a home. What’s next?

DEAR LESLIE,   What advice would you give an unmarried couple who would like to purchase a house together?  – Full house… Dear Full House…, Buying a house with the person you love is an exciting and wonderful experience. It can be both emotionally and financially satisfying.                However, if you are unmarried, there are several things you will want to consider. Should you separate or should one party pre-decease…

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