Q+A with Leslie

Pod Schools and How to Join… As Told by Leslie, a Roundup
With the school year already underway for some and nearing for others, many parents find themselves disillusioned by last Spring’s
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Handling an Unexpected Divorce… What You Need to Know
Handling an unexpected divorce can be a harrowing experience. While things between you and your spouse may not have been
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Custody, Shared Custody and the Coronavirus… As Told by Leslie
Navigating the custody or shared custody amidst the coronavirus can be tricky. Are you prepared for the second wave of
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Ask Leslie: Is life partnership the key to a successful marriage? 
DEAR LESLIE,  With the Smiths in the headlines recently, I’m wondering is a life partnership the key to a successful
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Ask Leslie: What should I do if I’m unhappy with my divorce lawyer?
DEAR LESLIE,  I’m unhappy with my divorce lawyer. What should I do? Is it in my best interest to change
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Ask Leslie: Are prenups only for the rich and can I make it work for me?
DEAR LESLIE,  Are prenuptial agreements only for the rich? My boyfriend and I both earn average salaries, however, we are
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Virtual Goes Virtuous: Dating During the Coronavirus… As Told by Leslie
Leslie chats with millennials on what’s it like to date now. During the time of the coronavirus, the need for
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Marriage, Millennials and the Coronavirus… As Told by Leslie
It’s no secret that millennials have been a significant factor in the national decrease in marriage rates. While millennials have
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Ask Leslie: Should I rekindle with my ex during a quarantine? 
DEAR LESLIE,  Should I rekindle with my ex during a quarantine? An ex has reached out during the pandemic and
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is it fair to judge my partner
Ask Leslie: Is it fair to judge my partner during a time of crisis?
DEAR LESLIE,  I’ve been with my partner for 4 years, however, we’ve never argued more than we do now. It’s
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The Perennial Case of the Other Woman… As Told by Leslie
If you are the “other woman” in your relationship, you probably fell for him without knowing he or she had
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5 Things the Coronavirus Has Taught Me About My Partner of 23 Years
My spouse is not only my life mate of 23 years, but he is also my business partner for nearly
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Ask Leslie: Divorce, Cohabiting, and the Coronavirus. Help!
DEAR LESLIE,  I am divorcing my husband of 15 years plus. Just before the coronavirus struck, we were able to
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Ask Leslie: Should I hire a divorce mediator or litigator for my divorce?
 DEAR LESLIE,  I am currently looking into a divorce from my marriage of 8 years. My partner and I are
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Ask Leslie: How can I avoid my partner’s debt should we marry?
DEAR LESLIE,   How Can I Avoid My Partner’s Debt Should We Marry? – Debtless Dear Debtless… This question is often
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A Dive Into Consciously Coupling With Prenuptial Agreements 
The breakup of Gwyneth and Chris thrust the idea of amicable divorce into the spotlight. The term Paltrow used in
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Ask Leslie: Unmarried couple wants to purchase a home. What’s next?
DEAR LESLIE,   What advice would you give an unmarried couple who would like to purchase a house together?  – Full
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Un-Packing the Empowered Married Woman… As Told by Leslie
Many of the women who come to my office seeking counsel appear broken, with little self-esteem and no avenue of
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Ask Leslie: How comparable is a domestic union to a marriage?
DEAR LESLIE,  How comparable is a domestic union to a marriage? – Do We Add Up… Dear Do We Add
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Ask Leslie: Navigating the divorce proceedings of an open marriage
DEAR LESLIE,  How does the law navigate the divorce proceeding of an open marriage? – Ms. Open Minded Dear Ms.
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Ask Leslie:What can I do to keep present and future assets protected?
DEAR LESLIE,  I’m getting married. What can I do to keep present and future assets protected in the event of
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