Month: July 2020


Handling an Unexpected Divorce… What You Need to Know

Handling an unexpected divorce can be a harrowing experience. While things between you and your spouse may not have been perfect, you weren’t expecting to be served with divorce papers, now what? Identify the paperwork First, do not panic. Look at the papers and see if your spouse filed with a Summons and Complaint or just a Summons with Notice, regardless look at the end of the document served or on the face of the…


Custody, Shared Custody and the Coronavirus… As Told by Leslie

Navigating the custody or shared custody amidst the coronavirus can be tricky. Are you prepared for the second wave of lockdowns and quarantines? The first wave of lockdowns and quarantines led many divorced couples to deal with the unexpected issues arising out of their otherwise successful custody arrangements. Depending on the custody agreement, the unexpected coronavirus pandemic could have had a significant impact on either arrangement. Perhaps your arrangement is traditional, with one parent having…


Ask Leslie: Is life partnership the key to a successful marriage? 

DEAR LESLIE,  With the Smiths in the headlines recently, I’m wondering is a life partnership the key to a successful marriage, but most importantly, what does a life partnership look like to today’s couple? –  Asking for a friend Dear Asking for a Friend.., Firstly, I want to applaud Will and Jada Pinkett Smith for their successful marriage, life partnership, and willingness to be brutally honest with each other as to what works and what…

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