Month: May 2020


Marriage, Millennials and the Coronavirus… As Told by Leslie

It’s no secret that millennials have been a significant factor in the national decrease in marriage rates. While millennials have often taken the economic downturn hardest in addition to growing up in an era fraught with divorce – it has left most wondering if marriage will ever be a reality. There is a host of reasons that millennials do not view marriage as a benefit in their daily lives. Now, even more so during the…


Ask Leslie: Should I rekindle with my ex during a quarantine? 

DEAR LESLIE,  Should I rekindle with my ex during a quarantine? An ex has reached out during the pandemic and we’ve revived our friendship and maybe romance. However, I can’t keep wondering if we take that next step will the magic disappear once quarantine is over.  – Lovestruck2x Dear Lovestruck2x…, With so many in quarantine and alone with their thoughts, many are questioning if they should rekindle with an ex. These thoughts are usually prompted…

is it fair to judge my partner

Ask Leslie: Is it fair to judge my partner during a time of crisis?

DEAR LESLIE,  I’ve been with my partner for 4 years, however, we’ve never argued more than we do now. It’s led me to rethink if I want to continue the relationship. Is it fair to judge my partner during a time of crisis? – Quarantina… Dear Quarantina…, Is it fair to judge your partner? People are not themselves during a time of panic and uncertainty, which leads to anxiety for many. Is it fair to…


The Perennial Case of the Other Woman… As Told by Leslie

If you are the “other woman” in your relationship, you probably fell for him without knowing he or she had another life. When you met, he/she had no wedding band, was always available to talk, and he/she wined and dined you eventually, though, his secret came out, and yet, you did not leave. At first, you stayed believing that the relationship you “built” was so strong and so right that he would leave his other…

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