Month: January 2020

A Dive Into Consciously Coupling With Prenuptial Agreements 

The breakup of Gwyneth and Chris thrust the idea of amicable divorce into the spotlight. The term Paltrow used in describing the process they used was “conscious uncoupling”- which begs the question: what about conscious coupling? What I have found in my career as a matrimonial attorney is that a prenuptial agreement is the best way to consciously couple. Think about it: A couple who has a prenuptial agreement has already sat down together as…


Ask Leslie: Unmarried couple wants to purchase a home. What’s next?

DEAR LESLIE,   What advice would you give an unmarried couple who would like to purchase a house together?  – Full house… Dear Full House…, Buying a house with the person you love is an exciting and wonderful experience. It can be both emotionally and financially satisfying.                However, if you are unmarried, there are several things you will want to consider. Should you separate or should one party pre-decease…


Un-Packing the Empowered Married Woman… As Told by Leslie

Many of the women who come to my office seeking counsel appear broken, with little self-esteem and no avenue of independent financial support. They have become prisoners in their own marriages and don’t know how to change their circumstances, because they no longer have the financial means, let alone the emotional strength, to do so. Perhaps the saddest part of the situation is that many of these women may never have had to walk into…


Ask Leslie: How comparable is a domestic union to a marriage?

DEAR LESLIE,  How comparable is a domestic union to a marriage? – Do We Add Up… Dear Do We Add Up…, A domestic union and a marriage, which is a legally recognized domestic union, have partners that are genuinely committed to each other both emotionally and usually financially. In some cases, a domestic union can’t be a legal marriage, but that does not alter the level of commitment between the partners. However, in a domestic…


Ask Leslie: Navigating the divorce proceedings of an open marriage

DEAR LESLIE,  How does the law navigate the divorce proceeding of an open marriage? – Ms. Open Minded Dear Ms. Open Minded…, When a couple decides to get married, they are making a legal commitment in the eyes of the law that is considered monogamous, unless you live in a state that permits polygamy. The marriage commitment is both emotional and financial. When a couple decides to divorce, it is the division of the couple’s…

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